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perfect rolex GMT-Master II white gold Blue Dial Watch m116719blro-0002

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The Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLRO (aka Pepsi bezel GMT) is a very modern take on a very classic colorway and, as you might imagine, it’s not readily available anywhere near MSRP (unless you have a very, very close relationship with your local AD). Here at StockX, we think more people should have access to steel sport watches from perfect rolex GMT-Master II white gold Blue Dial Watch m116719blro-0002 at MSRP, so we’re giving one of you the chance to buy the newest Pepsi bezel GMT in steel at its retail price of $9,250. At the time of writing, resale prices are hovering in the neighborhood of $20k. Read on to find out how you can bid to buy at retail price.
The new Rolex GMT Master II watches were a big story coming out of Baselworld 2018, and the new ‘Pepsi’ GMT is the “it” watch right now, with the ‘Root Beer’ drawing slightly more subdued hype as well. Between the madness of paying thousands over retail price for a new Rolex GMT Master II and the current steel sports watch “shortage” we (myself and Zach Piña) thought it might be a good time to do a list of some of our Top Quality Replica Rolex UK favorite alternative GMT watches in the spirit of our Top 10 alternatives to the Rolex Submariner article.

The Rolex GMT Master was introduced back in 1959 as the commercial aviation industry was going through a huge period of growth. Pilots who were flying across long distances could easily and reliably keep track of different time zones. The GMT hand and rotating bezel allowed for dual-time tracking, which is useful for anyone who travels or needs to keep track of different time zones. Because of this and the replica Rolex watches reputation, the GMT Master found its way on the wrist of people like Fidel Castro (who wore a reference 6542 and 1675). I’ve always found this to be infinitely cooler than the Rolex watches that found their ways on the wrists of, ahem, certain actors who I couldn’t care less about.
The follow up Rolex GMT Master II was introduced in 1983 with the current iteration ref. 116710 introduced in 2007. This is the contemporary model with the ceramic bezel and upgrades like the Triplock crown and bigger lugs, crown guards, and numerals. Also, a big improvement in this generation was the new bracelet with the 5mm adjustable Easy-link system. Since then, the current generation of cheap Rolex watches has been associated most with Rolex’s ceramic color technology.

Models like the ‘Batman’ ref. 116710BLNR and the newest ‘Pepsi’ ref. 126710BLRO (there was an existing Pepsi dial, but only available in white gold before this year) have taken turns being the “it” watch of the moment with buyers paying thousands above retail price. As of writing in 2018, the perfect Rolex watches Pepsi model is selling for almost double the MSRP of $9,250 (it will be interesting to see how this ages in a year and more). The black bezel and the ‘Batman’ both retail for around $8,500 – although the all-black bezel model can actually be found for a discount on the second-hand market.

And then, there are the gold models and the underrated new two-tone fake Rolex watches ‘Root Beer’ ref. 126711CHNR which is just under $15,000. I have a feeling this model will age well once the novelty of colored ceramic gets old and the production technology is cheap enough to produce.

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